Why Pay For A Wedding Video?

A lot of people these days have a camcorder. So why pay for a professional wedding video?

1, First of all there is the enhanced picture quality . A lot of people think that because they have a high definition camcorder they will get a high definition picture. They won't. There are four primary things that effect the picture quality of a camera:

a, The Lens (size, light efficiency and smoothness of its glass)

b, The Chip (size, type and the amount of data it records per second)
c, The Recording Format

So essentially, if your lens is rubbish, the picture will be extremely distorted and badly exposed by the time it gets to the chip.

If the chip is also small, then the image recorded on that chip will be small, so it will definitely look dread full when expanded on a tv. If the chip also records at a slow rate then the picture will have little detail.
For example: our wedding videos are shot on 25 megabyte/second cameras. This means that recording at 25 frames per second means that each frame/picture is one megabyte in size. Most cheap cameras record at about 5 megabytes per second, so each frame/picture will be only 5/25 = 0.2 megabyte in size.

Therefore with a cheap camera whether you record in high definition or not makes little difference because the image has already been degraded. Its like putting a picture through an old broken down photo copier (the lens) and then putting it through another old broken down photo copier (the chip) and then putting it through a brand new state of the art photo copier. The picture will still be terrible.

2, Enhanced sound quality . The in built microphone on a cheap camcorder accounts for about ten pounds of its price. This always results in a tiny sound, that distorts when the volume exceeds a certain level. Hiring a professional wedding videographer means that the sound of your wedding will be recorded on a professional external microphone, giving sound that is as clear as you would get from a television coverage.

3, Professional Editing
. Films are made in the edit. Some people may have a basic editing package on their computer but the fact remains that editing is an art that makes film editors amongst the most respected in the industry. A slick editor can not only cover up un wanted footage or sound but will add a style to your wedding video that will enhance its watch ability and style massively.

4, Professional Exporting
. It may be that you have the technical know how to export and compress a 2 hour wedding video and then know how to author it onto dvd. How ever a professional will export it and compress it in a way that maximises its picture quality and will author it onto dvd with a full dvd menu. A true professional will also design you a personalised dvd cover and print it onto the actual dvd.

5, Detailed Planning
. The fact of the matter is that shooting a wedding video is a huge logistical exercise because at every stage the camera has to be ready and recording for each section of the day, with the exposure, focus and sound all set at the perfect level. Doing this whilst also not being intrusive is a big skill that can only come from experience.




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