Beware Of The Amature Videographer

One of the biggest traps that couples fall into is a wedding videographer that offers a cheap price. Off course there are deals to be had (a short notice booking or winter wedding), but the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of
complete amatures out there who have decided to get into the wedding video industry with out any proper training.

They probably work full time, or have just been laid off from there job, and because they filmed their friends wedding for free gives them the ability to charge couples for a wedding video. They offer a really cheap price like £ 200 for the entire day and the bride and groom think  "we need to save some money some where so why not".

The problem is this:

1, Picture Quality: Although they may have a camera that records high definition (that cost £ 250 from Dixon's or Curry's) it will not give a high definition picture because the lense will be poor and the chip will be tiny and recording at a low mb/s rate.

2, Sound Quality: With out an expensive directional mic the sound will be tinny and will record so much of the back ground sound that voices will be hard to hear.

3, Editing: with out a fully trained editing eye, the video will have a stagnant quality to it because editing makes all the difference when it comes to a moving image (that's why they spend months editing hollywood films only re release a directors cut several years later.

Be care full, only by painstakingly going through samples of work can you ensure that the cheap videographer is good enough for your wedding video.




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