How To Write A Wedding Video Brief


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Your production brief should account for precisely what you want in your wedding video.

The brief is an easy-to-follow explanation that will help your production company create a product you are

happy with.

The writing of brief tends to be a quick and easy process: a short but thorough summary is generally plenty

to get started.

The steps below should be followed when writing a brief to cover a wedding day:


What is the purpose of your video production


1. The Purpose

To show the fun of the day or to highlight the formality of such an occasion?


Who are your target audience?

2. Target Audience

Who do you want to watch your wedding video (just yourselves, family, friends etc). This can make a big difference in terms of shooting style and edit.



How will you distribute yor video?

3. Distribution

Are planning to watch it on dvd, blue ray, do you wish to put your wedding video on the internet for all the world to see, or perhaps a personal streaming company so that only a select group of friends around the world can see it.

4. Content

All videographers have a standard of things they include in a typical wedding video. You must check that this covers everything you expect. If there is something else you want you must communicate this to the videographer to ensure the moment is not lost.



What's your budget?

7. Budget

What is your wedding video budget? It you have the money why not consider changing from a one camera wedding video to a two camera wedding video.

8. Your Deadline

If you are the type of bride and groom that are extremely eager to see your wedding video, then ask the videographer to commit to a timescale. or ask about a same day edit.

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