Hayley and Paul - Woodhill Hall - Otterburn - 22nd Febuary 2017 - Wedding Video Newcastle

For a winters days you simply could not fault the weather. It was a little cold, but there was very little wind and no rain at all. Everything was set for a fabulous winters wedding day. I had not met Paul or Hayley before the wedding and was greeted with a friendly exchange, when I met Paul in the old house.


He guided me to the bridal suite, where I instantly noticed that the girls where in great spirits and having a fun time. I was in the bridal suite for an hour shooting the girls getting ready, and then headed to the tipi, where the ceremony was to take place.


The ceremony was full of emotion and was beautiful service, that all the guests clearly enjoyed.


After that we did the photographs, however there was not a lot of them, because both Hayley and Paul were more bothered about having a great time with their guests. Despite the fact that they were not going to do many photographs Mark Byron Dowie managed to enthuse them enough, that we managed to do some fantastic shots, which was a relief, because I was originally concerned that, that section of the wedding video would be virtually non existent. Just shows what an accomplished wedding photographer can do, even with the slightest of chances.


We then went onto the speeches, which were the most emotional, I had ever seen in my time as a wedding videographer. Nearly everyone was crying as these two lovely families came together.


On the night they cut the cake and had their first dance, with the usually relaxed enthusiasm that they had carried all day.


A fabulous wedding day full of all the correct emotion and love. This was a very family orientated wedding and seemed like it was as much for Hayley and Paul's Daughters as it was for them. This was a celebration of the joining of two families and that is why this was such an emotional one.

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